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Ashley is a writer & graduate student, dedicated to learning to love. Since 2011, Ashley has been blogging at to wrestle through life's disappointments and tiny victories. Her expertise in strategic communication has enhanced the storytelling of many outreach campaigns in both the advertising and nonprofit industries.

Ashley founded the Addicted to Love Club after she shared her story of life with an alcoholic parent on Upworthy, which was picked up by Huffington PostHer story had half-a-million views in the first week.

She knew she couldn't ignore the cries of those who wrote, "Thank you for making me feel less alone."





Amy refuses to write a bio, claiming she would only like you to know that she's Ashley's biggest cheerleader. Amy and Ashley met in kindergarten while jump roping, but Ashley will need Amy to confirm this because Amy remembers everything and serves as Ashley's brain.

Ashley thinks Amy should legally change her name to include Visionary and Strategist and Lover. She is talented and passionate beyond your wildest dreams, and this community that's bringing beauty from ashes would not exist without her.  

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Chris Crane is a freelance writer, lifelong learner, bookworm, and food lover. When he's not reading books or watching movies, he is a grad student in theology. He lives in Dallas, TX. You can follow him on Twitter.




Want to learn more about Joy's journey to freedom? Check out Joy’s blog. Joy often blogs about Christian dating, contentment in singleness, and freedom from sexual abuse and addiction. She is now at Dallas Theological Seminary completing her masters in Women’s Ministry.