Don't judge me, but I've pretty much been listening to Katy Perry's Olympic theme song, Rise, since the day it came out. They featured it on the Today Show and I was hooked.

This song made me become a runner. Okay, just a jalker. (Yes, this is the word for walking/jogging...clearly more on the walking side.)

I feel like I can conquer the world.



Victory is in my veins.

This song put words to what I've been craving with this whole Addicted to Love Club journey. I say I want to take baby steps in learning to love myself and love my life. But if we're being honest, I want to finish the entire marathon. I want to RISE up to the challenge. 

I want to win the gold medal on the podium.

"DON'T DOUBT IT, DON'T DOUBT IT." Yes, with every step in my jalk, I want to shake off all those doubts. I need to feel that victory pulsing through my veins.

I'm an adrenaline junkie. Growing up as a competitive cheerleader, I got my fix of adrenaline with every 2:30 routine. Music blasting, body fidgeting, victory just runs through your veins. You give it all you've got for that routine. NO REGRETS. You just spill out your whole heart on the mat.

As an adult, it's really hard to find that same adrenaline fix in the real world (and in a healthy way). Katy Perry brought me back to that rushing feeling. Suddenly, I became an Olympian. PACK YOUR BAGS, WE'RE GOING TO RIO!

I will transform.

We all love a good story. You know the type, where the underdog fights and fights, reaching this incredible point of transformation. All the haters circle around underneath and the transformed underdog just looks down with a little smirk at all the doubters.

And it's always a shock. The underdog took on this fearless character, determined to rise.

This is the kind of healthy addiction I'm talking about with Addicted to Love. No matter how you shake my core, I'm in this fight. I know how to put on my game face. I know how to show up over and over again to train.

I won't just survive. You will see me thrive.

Survival is possible. But to me, this feels like coasting. This feels like getting knocked down to the dirt, spitting gravel, and just inching along with one knee to crawl to the finish line.

It's not enough.

I want to RISE. I want what Brené Brown talks about in her book, "Rising Strong":

The truth is that falling hurts. The dare is to keep being brave and feel your way back up.
— Brené Brown

And I want to thrive. 

Thriving looks different for everyone, but no one can thrive until they rise. So I'm going on this RISE journey. I will rise up from spitting gravel and I will learn to love.

I will transform the word addiction. I will play a new theme song to my life where I actually love myself enough to believe I have the strength to RISE and to win.

i could use some teammates. are you in?