Who in this world doesn't like free stuff?

We feel pretty confident that the answer to that question is: NO ONE.

Maybe you've heard the news...we're starting a club for all the people who want to learn in this messy & crazy & beautiful life with an addict.

& we're pretty sure this club is meant for people who stumble & need DAILY reminders of how to love yourself, love your life, & love an addict.

We want to introduce you to our friends at So Worth Loving.

They are up to something incredible. They've started a movement to remind people every day that no matter where they've been in the past, they are so worth loving. We love what they're doing so much that we want to give you a chance to win one of their powerful shirts.

love you. love people.

The message is perfect.

Photo credit:  So Worth Loving . Go check out the giveaway!

Photo credit: So Worth Loving. Go check out the giveaway!

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