I want to introduce you to Rachel. Believe it or not, Rachel and I are actually sorority sisters from college. When I shared my story about growing up with a dad who struggles with addiction, Rachel reached out and said, "This hits close to home."

We kind of half-joke when we say today that we wish our sorority days had opened up these honest, vulnerable conversations back in college. But we were both pretty stuck in the phase of life where you make a lot of mistakes and learn a lot about yourself. It's not to say that we've got it all figured out now, but we've progressed beyond ordering pizza at 1 a.m. and sitting through meetings that kind of looked like a rowdy episode of The People's Court mixed with some hair-pulling cat fights in The Real World. 

Vulnerability is contagious.

After I shared my story, Rachel posted a powerful video on Facebook about why she became an independent business consultant. Let me just warn you, this video will change you. Rachel will inspire you in all the best, get-out-of-bed-and-stop-sleep-walking-through-life ways.

Rachel spent years believing the lies that people drilled into her head that she is not enough. She described the pain of her childhood in this bold statement about freedom:

"Walking on egg shells for 25 years was prison."

I'm not sharing Rachel's story to encourage family-bashing. I'm sharing Rachel's story because we need to own our part in the story. We are called to honor our families and love them in radical ways. And we are called to walk in honesty, to shed light on dark days where we lost trust and lost the strength to keep going.

For Rachel, joining this business has given her confidence. The darkness of abuse had consumed her for long enough. In addition to the practical ways that this has helped her chip away at her college debt (we went to an incredibly expensive private college!), she says this change in her life gave her her light back.

What lies do you believe about not being enough?

Is there something you've always wanted to do, but you need to gain the confidence to just give it a try?

Who needs to hear your story?

Hearing Rachel's story of determination and confidence to change her life has helped me. She is running a booming business in something that she's passionate about. She's not just making a dent in those life-sucking college loans. She's also meeting new people, inspiring people to get out of the prison they've built in their minds.

She's reminding us all how to breathe and take one day at a time.

Rachel is choosing to stop drowning in the darkness. Rachel is choosing to turn on the light. Rachel is finding the strength to keep going, to change her path, to build a healthy life.

Honesty is contagious.

Who needs to hear your story about where you've been and where you want to be? Learning to love your life is a journey that starts with one single step. It might sound cliche, but I know it's true. 

Write the next chapter in your own recovery story. And make it an adrenaline-pumping page turner.

Find out more about Rachel's business.